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Fake News: The CRAAP Test In Action

How to Identify and Avoid Fake News


Since the topic of the article deals with a medical issue, it needs to have been posted within the last few years.

Since the date is 2018, It passes currency


The article lacks analysis and the depth needed for the college level. The information is very surface level and does not contain hard scientific evidence or scholarly analysis. 

It does not pass relevance. 


There is some information about the author, Baxter Dimtry, at the bottom of the article. However,  it is short on relevant facts. Most importantly, his educational and professional background is omitted. The news organization, Your News Wire, appears to be owned by a company called The People's Voice. There is no "About Us" anywhere on the site. However, a simple Google search reveals that there is some information on their Facebook page:

The fact that this information is not on Your News Wire is not a good sign. It is clear that they are not a mainstream news organization and that strive to cover stories outside the box. More importantly, however, is that nothing about their organization indicates that they are qualified to write about a medical related topic. 

It does not pass authority. 


The article does link to some outside sources. However, none of the sources back up the claim that the flu shot is causing people to die from the flu. The scientific claims about the danger of the flu vaccines are not sourced at all and most importantly, the CDC doctor goes unnamed without a single source to back up the quote. 

The article makes no mention of any doctors who disagree, and statements meant as evidence, are vague, including, "Many medical experts now agree." The article becomes more about opinion rather than fact.

Media Bias Fact Check lists Your News Wire as conspiracy/pseudoscience. lists them as a fake news site. 

It does not pass accuracy. 


Your News Wire is a .com site, which means it is commercial. This does not give us any insight, because a .com can be anything. This means that we need to look closely at the "About Us" and determine what their purpose is. With authority, we determined that Your News Wire was created to counter mainstream media. They are purposely posting articles that fall outside of the norm. They do not mention anything about reporting only the facts. This suggests that they are more geared towards theories and opinions rather than factual reporting. 

It does not pass purpose. 

Final Verdict

This article fails in every section but currency. The sources listed fail to properly back up their claim that the flu shot is causing people to die. The author is not qualified to make such a claim and neither is the news organization. They are listed as questionable and fake news on reliable fact checking sites. 

This article is CRAP.