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ENGL B1A: Criminal Justice: Finding Books

Although this guide was originally developed for Professor Wong's ENGL B1A class researching criminal justice, it also works well for any classes reading Incarceration Nations.

Using the Library Catalog

Books can be found in the library's General Collection, or the white-labeled book shelves. Some books are labeled Hot Topics Table, which is the half-bookcase with a table tent indicating their location.  Use the call number to find the book on the shelves. You can check out 20 general books at one time. Each book can be checked out for 3 weeks, with up to two renewals of 3 weeks each.

**During this time of COVID-19 and the physical campus being closed, you can still request curbside pick-up of General print books!  Check to see whether the book you want is available using the catalog, then call the circulation desk at 395-4461, or use the ASK US! button for LibChat, to request the book(s) and set up a day and time to pick them up.

Some books are found in our eBook collection, so they are available online and not in print on our shelves. Clicking on the book title will take you to a page where you can click on the link under the "View Online" section, which takes you to another page where you need to click on the PDF in the left margin to read the full book.

You can search for books and eBooks in OneSearch by clicking on the link below.

How to Curbside Book Pickup

You are able to check books out (and pick them up) Monday-Thursday, 8am-8pm. How?

Once you have the titles of the books you would like to request, call Circulation at (661) 395-4461 OR send your request to a librarian via the library chat (the "Ask Us! tab on the Library home page). Someone from Circulation will call you to arrange a pick-up day and time when your request has been completed. 

At the assigned time, pull up to the curb in front of the Library, call Circulation at (661) 395-4461 to let them know you have arrived. Your books will be delivered right to you! Be sure to have photo ID (and a mask). 

To return books: drive to the Drop Box in the turn-around-loop between the Library and Administration buildings. 

General Collection books may be checked out for 3 weeks, while Reserve books may be checked out for 2 days. 

Subject Headings

The library on-line catalog uses specific labels for subject headings/topics, and books are "tagged" in the computer by those terms according to their topics.  The on-line library catalog is expecting you to use those specific search terms.

If you need help figuring out the right words to use, ask a Reference Librarian!


Helpful Search Terms

Criminal Justice

Crime [has tons of subtopics]

Crime and [...tons of endings to this statement]

Crime scene searches [has subtopics]

Criminal behavior [has subtopics]

Criminal courts--United States

Criminal investigation [has subtopics]

Criminal justice, Administration of [has tons of subtopics]

Criminal law [has subtopics]

Criminal procedure [has subtopics]

Criminal psychology [has subtopics]

Criminal statistics [has subtopics]

Criminals [has tons of subtopics]

Criminology [has subtopics]

Discrimination in criminal justice administration

Equality before the law--United States

Judicial corruption

Judicial error [has subtopics]

Judicial process [has subtopics]

Police brutality--United States

Race discrimination--Law and legislation--United States

Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement [has subtopics]

Prison Reform

Restorative justice

Prison administration

Prison discipline

Prison industries—Corrupt practices—United States

Prison sentences [has subtopics]

Prisoners [has subtopics]


Capital punishment [has tons of subtopics]

Discrimination in capital punishment

Death row—United States

Death row inmates [has subtopics]


Information Needed from OneSearch to Find Book on Shelf

Once you have search results, click on one of the books.  A screen for that book will pop upbook info page, with info on availability, collection, and call number highlighted

For each book you will see the citation information, description, collection, call number, and status. 

Always check the status first to make sure it says "Available" before you get too excited about a book. 

Then check which collection it can be found in.  If it says "General Collection" it is in the white-labeled bookcases, and if it says "Reference Collection" it is in the green-labeled bookcases. If it says "Delano  Library", it's at the Delano Campus. 

Lastly, always write down the entire call number!  See the box below about how to use that to find the book on the shelf. 

Finding Books on the Library Shelf

Call Number= the address of the book on its spine

The signs on the end of the bookcases only refer to first two lines of a call #.

Pay attention to "collection" on the book entry in the catalog:  

REFERENCE= Green-labeled bookcases

GENERAL= White-labeled bookcases

Once in correct aisle, read call number, matching one line at a time, until find the right book.  Browse the shelves around it for possibly more books on your topic.

General Books on Criminal Justice

General Books on Criminal Justice, cont.

eBook Tutorial