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ENGL B1A: Gender Violence: Welcome

This guide was created for Professor Flores' class while studying gender violence and how we got to the #MeToo era.




How did we get to this?


Umbrella Topic:  Gender Violence

Areas to consider:

1.  The history of the social construction of gender roles in the U.S., and how we continue to hold them up in society.

2. How gender roles are represented in the media, and how they reinforce a culture of violence against women and femmes (feminine lesbians).

3.  The consequences of rape culture on women/femmes/non-binary folks in their everyday lives.

4.  What we can do in order to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for ourselves and for future generations as we move forward.

Suggested Topics (but not limited to):

1. The sexual assault and rape that immigrant girls and women endure on their journey and/or while being held in ICE detention centers.  

2.  The prevalence of sexual assault and rape on U.S. college campuses.

3.  Sexual harassment and assault of women in the workplace in a particular industry.

4.  Violence faced by trans-women and femmes.

5.  Human trafficking in Kern County or the U.S., etc.  

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