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Censorship & Banned Books: Find Books about Banned Books

Learn about banned books, and find resources to help you research about different banned books.

Finding Books

Use any of these books to find information about why, when, and where a book was banned!

You can find all of these books at the reference desk in the library--just ask a librarian for them and you can use them while you are in the library. 

These books are available at both the main BC Library and the Delano Library!


The American Library Association's Banned Books List

This book contains a list of all of the books that have been banned or challenged in the United States.For each challenged book, this book shows when it was banned, where it banned, and why it was banned.

The book is arranged by author's last name, so if you wanted to find out why Judy Blume's Forever was banned, you would look in the B section for Blume. 

Banned on the type of context

After you've discovered what your book was banned for by using Banned Books: Challenging Our Freedom to Read, you can look in these books for a longer description on why your book was banned. For example, if you're reading Forever, by Judy Blume, you can look in the Literature Repressed on Sexual Grounds book to find out more information to use as a second source on this book.