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Censorship & Banned Books: Find Articles About Banned Books

Learn about banned books, and find resources to help you research about different banned books.

Accessing the database

To find articles about your book, click on the EBSCOhost link below, or go to the library homepage and choose the EBSCOhost option within the "Finding Articles" box. 


When you click on this link you will see several options. Choose the "Academic Search Complete" option. 

Finding Information about Banned Books

To look for articles for general information on why books are banned or censored, type book* in the first box, then ban* or censor* or challeng* in the second box, like you see in the example below. Make sure to check the "Full Text" box on the left side of the search page after you hit search, and, in the box below that, to just choose the "Magazines" option. Read the articles by clicking on the "PDF Full Text" or "HTML Full Text" buttons. 



Finding Information on a Particular Banned Book

To find articles discussing why a certain book was banned, leave the same "ban* or censor* or challeng*" in the second box that you had when you searched for general information on banned books. Then, delete the "book*" in the first box, and type in the name of your book instead, with the name of the book inside quotation marks (example: "Forever"). This will look for articles talking about why that book was banned. If you are getting too many results, type in the book author's name in the third box.

If you can't find your book in EBSCO...