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Library Resources for Music Students at BC: Books to Check Out

Learn how to do research on music topics at the BC Library.

Library of Congress Classification for Music

The BC Library uses Library of Congress classification to organize its books. This means that all of the call numbers start with a letter, and that each letter stands for a certain subject. The letter for books on music is M. This means that all books about music will have a call number starting with the letter M.

The books listed below have been divided into three categories: general books on music, books on music history, and books on musicians. If you see a book you like, you should write down the book's call number and go find the book in the white-labeled shelves in the back of the library. You can check out any of these books. 

If you would like to see if we have a particular book in the BC Library, you can search for books by title, author, or topic (subject) in the library catalog


Music History

Musicians & Composers

As a rule, most books about musicians will have a call number starting with ML 410. You can browse the section of the library where the ML 410s are shelved, and to check if the library has a book on a musician you are interested in, you can search the library catalog in the "Subject begins with" category by putting your musician's name down with the last name first (example: Simone, Nina).