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Library Resources for Music Students at BC: Journals and Articles

Learn how to do research on music topics at the BC Library.

Databases for Music Research

The databases in the links below are all databases that you can use to find full-text, scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal articles about music. You can also use these databases to find newspaper or magazine articles about music. 

Music Journals at BC

The BC Library has online subscriptions to 98 music journals, listed in the link below. This means you can access them using the databases linked below each title.

The BC Library also subscribes to The Musical Quarterly, a print journal about music. We have issues from 1927-1940, and 1957-1980.

You can find this journal in the Periodicals collection of the library, in the back right. The current year of issues can be found in on the pink-labeled shelves, while the older issues of the journals will be on the blue-labeled shelves. As the latest issue we have from The Musical Quarterly is 1980, all of the issues will be in the blue-labeled section. The journals on both the pink and blue shelves are shelved alphabetically.