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Fake News: Workshop

How to Identify and Avoid Fake News

Fake News Assignment

Question 2

Examine the social media graphic below and answer the following questions on your worksheet:

What type of fake news does this graphic represent? What tricks do you see being used? 

Meme that compares mandatory vaccines to the holocaust

Question 3

Do a Google Image search by right clicking on the image below. Click on "Search Google for Image" (you need to be using the Google Chrome Browser for this question) - Search opens in a new tab

Answer the following questions on your worksheet:

Has this image been manipulated? If so, how do you know? How did the Google image search help you make this determination?

Using a Phone? Download the Google Chrome App OR Click here for instructions

Question 4


Click on the Clash Daily link below and quickly examine the "About Us." Check for any organizational bias. Answer the following questions:

Does this website contain any organizational bias? If so, how do you know?

Question 5

Quickly examine the Daily Mail article and then use Media Bias Fact Check& Politifact to check its authority and accuracy. Use Media Bias Fact Check and check what Daily Mail scores in terms of it's factual reporting. Use Politifact to see if the claim in the article is true or false. Be sure to write your answers on the worksheet.