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ENGL B1A: Contemporary Issues: Finding Books

For Cara Warwick's & Justin Bell's ENGL B1A

Using OneSearch

Search for books and ebook using OneSearch. You will find a "OneSearch" button in the center of the library webpage, or linked in the OneSearch image below.  OneSearch allows you to search EVERYTHING the library has access to, including print books and eBooks, plus journal articles and more from our databases. Click on the OneSearch image below to access this resource (right click to open in a new tab).

OneSearch logo with link to search anything page

When you click on the OneSearch button, it will take you to a Search Anything search bar.  When you start typing your search, you will see some drop-down options for the kind of search you want to do. Choose the third option, BC Library Books & eBooks, if you'd like to focus your search on books. 

For the best results, sign in with your BC ID at the top right corner.

For a more specific search, click on one of the following links to find searches on those topics.

Using One Search to Find eBooks

How can I refine my search results?

The number of search results you get can be overwhelming!  Even if you already clicked on the bubble for BC Library Books & eBooks, the results include all the relevant eBooks we have in our EBSCO eBook Academic  Collection, which has over 170,000 books!   Luckily, you can narrow down or refine your results with the options in the left-hand margin under "Refine my results".  For instance, since you only want eBooks, click on "Available online".  Be sure to note that some of the online results may also be journal articles or conference papers, so look at the label for each result.  

Refine my results in left margin includes category for Availability with the choice of "Available online."


How do I open the eBook to read it?

Click on the title of the book you'd like to read.  This link will open an information page about the eBook.  Next, go to the section for View Online, and click the link.  

When click on book title, info box pops up, with section for View Online and link to book.

This will take you to another information page about the eBook.  To actually open the book, you need to click on the PDF icon (sometimes you also have the option for EPUB, which will be discussed in another tab) in the left-hand margin. 

click PDF icon in left margin to open eBook


Just a Dog eBook opened for reading