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Health Inequity: Addiction and Mental Health

This is a collection of web-based resources to support research for the 2018 Health Inequity: Health and Social Justice Hackathon at Bakersfield College. This event is open to the public and this research guide will thus only contain resources in the publ

Addiction - Websites


•Kern Stop Meth Now Coalition




•CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Opioid Epidemic:

•National Institute on Drug Abuse: 

NIDA Addiction Science:

NIDA: Opioid Overdose Crisis:

Mental Health Stigma - Definition

Mental health stigma can be separated into two areas, one where someone can be labeled due to a psychiatric diagnosis and thereby can be discriminated against or perceived stigma or second self-stigma where someone internalizing their condition and do not access treatment.  Either case, mental health stigma can create isolation.  Yet, mental health statistics shows that mental illnesses are common in the US.  To See the Statistics by Topic, visit the National Institute of Mental Health Website at 

Mental Health - Websites

•Each Mind Matters

Information and Advocacy for Metal Health

Articles - Mental Health

•Greenstein, Laura. "9 Ways to Fight Mental Health Stigma." Blog article. National Alliance on Mental Illness. 11 Oct. 2017.