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ENGL B1A: The Handmaid's Tale: Finding Books

This guide was created for Professor Wallace's clas

Using the Library Catalog

You can access the BC Library Catalog by clicking on the first link below, and access the library's E-Book collection by clicking on the second link! 


Narrative Style: Language & Form

Women & Feminism

Power & Control

Religious Fundamentalism

Genre: Dystopias & Apocalypse

Call Numbers and Finding Books on the Shelf

Call Number= the address of the book on its spine

The signs on the end of the bookcases only refer to first two lines of a call #.

Pay attention to "collection" on the book entry in the catalog:  

REFERENCE= Green-labeled bookcases

GENERAL= White-labeled bookcases

Once in correct aisle, read call number, matching one line at a time, until find the right book.  Browse the shelves around it for possibly more books on your topic.