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Library Research Skills: Evaluating Books and Articles : Periodical

How to evaluate periodical


You can assume that if the periodical itself is academic and well-respected that the articles in the periodical are too. Note that in this step you are no longer evaluating the article itself, but instead, the periodical in which it was published.

Consider the following:

What is the publication date? (Could the information be outdated?)

Who is the intended audience? (Is the periodical academic?)

Is the periodical peer-reviewed?

Who is the publisher of the periodical?

What is the overall purpose and point of view of the article and periodical?

Where to find the information online

Go to the database in which you found the article (EBSCO Academic Search Complete or Gale Academic One File) and perform a search for the publication using the “Publication Search” or “Publications” tab at the top of the page.  On the next page, search for the periodical by title.  Click on the title of the periodical and the next page should display whether the periodical is peer-reviewed (or scholarly), the intended audience, and a brief description of what it’s about.  You can then use this information to determine the reputation of the periodical.

To see how to evaluate a periodical and article author(s), watch this video.