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ENGL B1A: America Now: Finding Articles

Using Library Databases

Databases are searchable collections of reliable, vetted resources, like magazines, academic journals, newspapers, and encyclopedias. We pay for access to these resources through subscriptions--like Netflix, but for articles!

  • Vetted= already evaluated or fact-checked

The databases listed below are the best databases for your class.

Helpful Databases

Below you will find a list of recommended EBSCO Databases and the themes that work best for each:

Below are helpful topic pages for each topic:


Language: Do Words Matter?

  • Bullying and Cyberbullying

Free Speech: Endangered on Campus?

  • Free Speech on Campus

A College Education: How Valuable is It?

  • Issues in Higher Education

Race: Does it Still Matter?

  • Racial Conflict 

Diversity and Identity: How Well is American Immigration Working?

  • Immigrant Detention
  • Immigrants and the Economy

Guns: Can the Second Amendment Survive?

  • Gun Violence 

Prisons, Police, and Punishment: Is Our Criminal Justice System Broken?

  • Bail Reform 
  • Police Tactics

Marriage: What Does it Mean Today?

  • Future of Marriage 

The Climate Crisis: Have We Reached the Point of No Return?

  • Air Pollution & Climate 
  • Climate Change 
  • Rising Seas 

Searching Databases

Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


Helpful Videos

Combining Search Terms with Boolean Operators


Evaluating Sources With the DAPPR Test

Need more help with DAPPR? See the DAPPR Test in Action for a walk-through on how this works.