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ENGL B1A: America Now: How to Cite

MLA Citation

This page will help you with MLA citation for your sources. If you need further help, please use the links below or ask a reference librarian.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Citing Your Sources in MLA Style

Find as much of the citation information below as you can for each of your sources.  Then use the indicated order, format, and punctuation to put the information together into a proper citation for each source.

Format Guidelines for Works Cited:

1. Author.

One author: Cannon, Joseph S.

Two authors: Dorrison, Michael, and Louise Erdrich.

Three or more authors: Burdick, Anne, et al.

2. Title of source.

Book title (if self-contained): The Devil’s Highway.
Title of article, webpage, or chapter name (if part of a larger work): “Anemia, Iron Depletion, and the Blood Donor: It’s Time to Work on the Donor’s Behalf.”

3. Title of container,

Title of larger work (periodical, book, website):
Encyclopedia of Diversity and Social Justice,

Academic Search Premier,

4. Other contributors,

Names of others who contributed to the source:

Edited by Howard S. Becker,

Translated by Seamus Heaney,

5. Version,

Use if a version or edition is indicated:

King James Version, Expanded ed., 3rd ed.,

6. Number,

Volume number in book series: vol. 4,

Volume & issue number for scholarly journals: vol. 22, no. 3,

7. Publisher,

Book publisher:

Oxford UP,

Penguin Press,

8. Publication date,

If book, year of publication: 2003,

If article, day month year: 28 Sept. 2013,

9. Location.

Page number or range of page numbers: p.33., pp.97-108.

If website: URL, omitting the http:// and the carrot brackets < >

While the 8th edition does not specify that database providers be included in citations for online databases, the Bakersfield College English department has stipulated the inclusion of this information in citations for the sake of clarity. So the names of database providers, such as EBSCO and Gale, should follow the database title.