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ENGL B1A: Problem/Solution Proposal Essay: Welcome

This guide was developed for Professor Canning's Problem/Solution Proposal Essay assignment regarding higher education issues.


diagram of Problem (cause & effect) and Solution (what to do & how to do it)           Notebook with Problem/Solution Pre-write Example: Considers the problem of cigarette smoking, then lists a possible solution with bullet points of how you could enact the solution, and finally some arguments that others might use as refutation.


What You Need

At least five (5) academic or reputable sources
■Description of the problem
■Proposal for a solution
■Justification—why your solution is best

Acceptable Topics

■College admissions process
■College athletics
■Cost of college
■For-profit colleges
■Online education (distance education) 
■Student loans (student debt)
■Role of fraternities & sororities on college campuses
■Time it takes to get a college degree (time to degree; persistence)
■Veterans and education