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Umoja ASTEP: Paper 2

This guide will help you find the resources you need for the Umoja ASTEP learning community at Bakersfield College.

What is Paper 2?

For Paper 2, Dr. Parks asks you to:

"Describe the worst current offense against African-American bodies.  

Ideas include rape against women; sexual harassment against women; hate crimes against gay, trans, or lesbians; police targeting men; police brutality of men; mass incarceration of men or women. Choose one and explain why it’s the worst. You could argue that it’s the worst because of who is targeted, how it was carried out, the number of people affected, the long-term effects, the amount of violence used, the amount of suffering inflicted, how many died, or another reason. 

Use statistics and data as well as anecdotes.  A .gov or reference book is a good source of data. Explore the ramifications.  Convince your reader that the crime was the worst.

Five sources are required. One can be from your anthology reader for ENGL B1A.

  • At least two must be from a scholarly journal that can be found through databases such as EBSCOhost. A specialized encyclopedia is in this category.  No abstracts; full articles only. Articles must be at least three pages.
  • You might want a book or eBook.
  • No more than one periodical, such as from a magazine or newsmagazine.
  • No more than one Internet web source, such as a .net, .edu, or .org. (Not found through EBSCOhost)
  • No general encyclopedia sources, like Wikipedia are allowed. But their reference section is a good source for other sources.

Finding Articles

Databases are searchable collections of reliable, vetted resources, like magazines, academic journals, newspapers, and encyclopedias. We pay for access to these resources through subscriptions--like Netflix, but for articles!

  • Vetted= already evaluated or fact-checked

The databases listed below are the best databases for your class.

Searching Databases

Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


Finding Books & EBooks

Search for books and ebook using OneSearch. You will find a "OneSearch" button in the center of the library webpage, or linked in the OneSearch image below.  OneSearch allows you to search EVERYTHING the library has access to, including print books and eBooks, plus journal articles and more from our databases. Click on the OneSearch image below to access this resource (right click to open in a new tab).

OneSearch logo with link to search anything page

When you click on the OneSearch button, it will take you to a Search Anything search bar.  When you start typing your search, you will see some drop-down options for the kind of search you want to do. Choose the third option, BC Library Books & eBooks, if you'd like to focus your search on books. 

For the best results, sign in with your BC ID at the top right corner.

For a more specific search, click on one of the following links to find searches on those topics.

Encyclopedia Articles

The library has access to many online encyclopedia articles. Online encyclopedia articles are a great way to find out more information about a topic you don't know much about. If you are researching a topic that is new to you, try looking for an encyclopedia article on it to help you narrow your focus down--it's like using a scholarly version of Wikipedia! Click on the picture below to get started.

Gale Virtual Reference Library link

For more directed searches, see the links below.

Combining Search Terms with Boolean Operators


Databases 101 Video Series