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Get Out the BC Vote Guide: On the Local Ballot


Below is a list of the municipal elections on the 2018 ballot:

Candidates for Kern County Treasurer

Candidates for Kern County Auditor

Candidates for Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Candidates for Superior Court of Kern County California

Candidates for Kern County Sheriff

Candidates for Kern County District Attorney

Candidates for Kern County Assessor

Superior Court of Kern County, California

Click here to learn more. 


School Board

Depending on what city and school district you live in, you will also see school board members on your ballot. Check your local school district's web site to learn more. 

City Ballot Measures

There are also City & County ballot measures. Click here to learn more about each measure and what they are about. Below you will find a list:

Kern County Measures

County of Kern Tax Measure- Majority

County of Kern Cannabis Measure-Majority

County of Kern Medicinal Cannabis Measure-Majority

City of Bakersfield Measures

City of Bakersfield Tax Measure-Majority

City of Bakersfield Cannabis Measure-Majority

City of Arvin

City of Arvin Tax-Majority

City of Arvin Cannabis Tax-Majority

City of McFarland

City of McFarland Tax-Majority

Kern Valley Healthcare District

Tax Measure Q-2/3rds

Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Park District

Bond Measure R-2/3rds

***School District Bond Measures

Wasco Union High School District-55%

Arvin Union School District-55%

Panama-Buena Vista Union School District-55%


Majority: Any kind of majority will pass the bond.

55%: There needs to be at least 55% of yes votes for the bond to pass.

2/3rds: There needs to be a 2/3rds majority for the bond to pass.