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ART B38: Survey of Asian Art: Welcome

This guide will help students in Professor Wrest's ART B38 class with their assignment on Asian Art from 6500 BCE to today.



NEOLITHIC POTTERY INDUS VALLEY - MEHRGARH CIVILIZATION                                                       Seu, Pandit (attributed to)

- 2600 BC | Galerie Golconda






Cypress Tree by KanĊ Eitoku   
                                            Post-modern Asian Art 1961

Research Paper Requirements

  • Analysis of Asian artwork from Neolithic Indus Valley in 6500 BCE to contemporary Asian art today.
  • Not a biography or informational piece.
  • Be specific with topic you choose--find a piece of art that represents your topic of interest, and use comparisons tied to your thesis.
  • Need a thesis statement--What stance are you taking on the topic?

  • Must have 4 or more sources that are either books or academic journal articles.
  • May use reputable websites in addition to the 4 book or journal sources.
  • Websites may not be online encyclopedias, wikis, or art blogs.
  • May use MLA or Chicago Style for citations and formatting.  

PowerPoint Lesson

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