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Library Research Skills: Evaluating Internet Sources: Introduction



If your professor is requiring you to take Library Research Skills Workshops, or giving extra credit, this LibGuide does not replace a Library Skills Research Workshop, and your professor will not be notified.  You must attend an actual workshop to meet your professor's expectations.

If your professor has included a module in your Canvas classroom on this topic, this LibGuide does not replace that module.  You will need to complete the module in Canvas, as it has a quiz at the end, which this LibGuide does not.  


Many students are under the mistaken impression that if information is found on the Internet, then it must be factual and reliable.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Someone once said that it’s as easy to put something on the Internet as it is to write on a bathroom wall. 

Due to the fact that there are millions of websites on the Internet and they are constantly changing, there is no formal guide you can go to that will tell you if a website is reliable.  Instead, you have to use your own critical and evaluative skills to determine if information you find on the Internet should be used as a source in your college-level research.

Fortunately, there is something to help.

Never Fear! DAPPR is here to Save the Day!