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PSYC B30: Human Sexuality: Welcome

This guide was created for Professor Karin Young-Gomez's PSYC B30 class' Paraphilia Writing Assignment.


Paraphilia (Abnormal Sexual Desires) What should you know?

Paraphilia Writing Assignment Guidelines

  • PAPER - You must identify and discuss the following points in your paper:
    • Name and description of the paraphilia.
    • Etiology (what causes or contributes to the development) of the paraphilia as best as is currently known.
    • Prevalence rates
    • A case illustration from a celebrity account, personal account, or other source to demonstrate how the behavior may appear in an actual person.
    • Your opinion as to whether this paraphilia should be classified as a victimizing or non-victimizing with evidence to support this view.
    • Discuss any legal or ethical considerations that you consider important as it relates to the practice of this paraphilia.

  • PRESENTATION - Prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation, with applicable slides and images, to be uploaded into Canvas (in the Week 15 Discussion Board) to be viewed by your peers as well as your professor.
    • The presentation should be between 3 to 5 minutes
    • You should not simply read your paper as the presentation but speak about what you learned to “teach” your peers; remember, you will be the expert on this topic!
    • Your presentation will be peer-reviewed by your classmates. Each member of the class will be required to review three different classmates’ presentations.

  • This assignment requires that you utilize a minimum of three (3) different reference sources. You can use our textbook as one source of information; however, you are encouraged to use other sources of reference material (i.e., scholarly books or articles) that you can find at the library.  Due to the rarity of some of these categories, I will allow you to use Wikipedia as a starting point; however, you cannot cite or reference from Wikipedia.  While I encourage you to find scholarly articles or studies on your topic, I will allow you to cite from websites or web-based articles for this paper.  Be sure that you correctly cite (in APA style) any sources within the body of your paper and on your References Page.
    • This paper must be a minimum of two (2) FULL pages in length and a maximum of four (4) pages.  It should include a Title Page and a Reference page which do not count in the page totals required of this assignment.

Paraphilia Writing Assignment Topics

List of Paraphilia Disorders From Which to Choose:

  • Choose one of the paraphilias from the list below as the topic of your paper. I recommend that you are somewhat familiar with your chosen topic or complete some brief research about these categories prior to selecting one. The choices are based on some of the many (but not all) paraphilias that people have been known to practice. I have purposefully left out certain paraphilias that involve death, dismemberment, or other severe forms of fetish/paraphilic behaviors (as much for my benefit as for yours). If you desire to write about a paraphilia that is not on this list, you must contact me for approval of your topic before beginning your paper. 

Assignment Handout

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