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Biographies: Home

This guide provides an overview of the biographical resources at the BC Library.


The resources listed in this guide will help you find biographies and biographical information about a particular person. On this page you'll find resources for obtaining credible biographical articles, websites, and books. On the other page of the guide, you will find a list of encyclopedias in the library that contain biographical information.

Gale Biography in Context

Search for biographies of a particular person by typing in their name last name first (i.e., Angelou, Maya). After clicking on their name, click on the "Biographies" section for a list of the biographies about this person contained in the database.

Searching for Biographies on the Internet

To search for information on the internet (using Google, etc.), narrow your search to only look for websites that end in .org, .edu, or .gov. For biographies, the best ending is probably .org or .gov. To do this, type the person's name within quotation marks, then type "" or "". Example: "Maya Angelou" 

Searching for Biographies in the Library Catalog

Search for biographies in books and ebook using OneSearch. Click on the OneSearch image below to access this resource (right click to open in a new tab).

OneSearch logo with link to search anything page

When you click on the OneSearch button, it will take you to a Search Anything search bar. To search for biographies on a person, type their name into the search bar. When you start typing your search, you will see some drop-down options for the kind of search you want to do. Choose the third option, BC Library Books & eBooks, to focus your search on books. Look at the left sidebar to open the drop down menu for Subjects, then click on the name of the person you're researching, as seen below.

After you've clicked on the subject for your person, you will see a list of biographies or autobiographies on that person. Use the call number to find the book in the library, or, if it says the book is available online, you can just read the book right there on the computer.

For the best results, sign in with your BC ID at the top right corner.

If you still don't find anything, your best best is to look for an encyclopedia entry on your person.