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ENGL B1A: Success: Finding Books

Created for Julie Willis' Class

What is OneSearch?

Starting in Spring 2020, the library has a new way of searching our collections and resources.  You will find a "OneSearch" button in the top, center of the library webpage.  OneSearch allows you to search EVERYTHING the library has access to, including print books and eBooks, plus journal articles and more from our databases. 

OneSearch logo with link to search anything page

When you click on the OneSearch button, it will take you to a Search Anything search bar.  This will allow you to search everything at once to find everything we have related to your search term for a topic, author, or title. See the boxes below to find out more about the other features available through OneSearch, such as Browse, Advanced Search, and Find Journals.



Helpful Search Terms for This Project

Copy and paste the below subjects in One Search to get you started:

Burnout (Psychology)

Educational change -- United States

Self-actualization (Psychology)


Self-esteem in adolescence -- United States



Sex role in the work environment

Social values -- United States

Success in business

Success in business—case studies

Success—psychological aspects

Subject Headings

The library on-line catalog uses specific labels for subject headings/topics, and books are "tagged" in the computer by those terms according to their topics.  The on-line library catalog is expecting you to use those specific search terms.

If you need help figuring out the right words to use, ask a Reference Librarian!


Call Numbers and Finding Books on the Shelf

Call Number= the address of the book on its spine

The signs on the end of the bookcases only refer to first two lines of a call #.

Pay attention to "collection" on the book entry in the catalog:  

REFERENCE= Green-labeled bookcases

GENERAL= White-labeled bookcases

Once in correct aisle, read call number, matching one line at a time, until find the right book.  Browse the shelves around it for possibly more books on your topic.