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HIST B36: Native American History: Welcome

This guide can used to find primary and secondary sources on Native American History.


This guide will help you look for the primary and secondary sources you need when doing historical research on Native Americans. These sources include books (reference, print, and e-books), periodical articles, and internet sources. If you are still confused after reading this guide, please see a librarian for assistance to locate the sources you need, or click on the "Need Help?" banner that pops up on your screen when you open this page to chat with a librarian online.

Image via University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections

HIST B36 Research

If you are in Dr. Garrett's HIST B36 course, you will need to find two types of sources that are related to a historical topic within early to mid-twentieth century Native American history.

  • 3-5 SECONDARY sources
    • Secondary sources include books and articles about the historical period you are interested in. Click on the Finding Secondary Sources tab to learn how to find secondary sources about Native American history.
  • 3-5 PRIMARY sources
    • Primary sources are original documents from the time period you are interested such as diaries, correspondence, sermons, newspaper articles, photographs, etc. Click on the Finding Primary Sources tab to learn how to find primary sources related to Native American history.