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De-Stress Fest: Home

Looking for a break in your studies? Need some stress relief? Need study tips and de-stress resources? This guide can help!

De-Stress Fest

De-stress Fest

Welcome to the Bakersfield College Grace Van Dyke Bird Library's De-Stress Fest! 

At the end of each semester, when stress levels start to build as everything is coming to a close in all of your classes and final exams are approaching, we want to support you in every way, including helping you to de-stress!  When you are not able to come to the library for our various de-stress activities and stations, you can find plenty of resources here in this LibGuide.  Take a break, get some study tips, de-stress with some games and relaxation, and take care of your mental health!! Then study hard and finish strong!

Don't Overstress!

From The Ubyssey — Stressed about finals? Don't be! Follow our tips to sleep 7+ hours, eat balanced meals, stretch or walk, meditate, hydrate, take breaks, and laugh.

Keep Calm and Study for Exams

Keep Calm and Study for Exams

How To Stay Healthy During Finals

Staying Healthy During Finals Season from CSU.  A list of Do's and Don'ts.  Do get enough sleep, practice relaxation, stay active, create a physical environment that helps you, and seek support from friends and family.  Don't pull all-nighters, drink caffeine close to bedtime, skip meals, procrastinate, nor forget to take breaks.