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De-Stress Fest: Book Bathing

Looking for a break in your studies? Need some stress relief? Need study tips and de-stress resources? This guide can help!

What is "Book Bathing?"

Maybe you've heard of forest bathing, a mindfulness practice that began in Japan in the 1980s. We wanted to try our own library version called "book bathing!" 

This practice encourages participants to center themselves in the present moment and take in their surroundings, engaging all five senses and exploring those senses in the library space. Part meditation, part imaginative wandering, book bathing invites you to reimagine the library's physical space and your relationship to it.

Book Bathe!

Grab your headphones and listen to the file below any time in the BC Library!

"you are here, in the library"

written and recorded by Ariel Dyer

music by Carson Peters

special thanks to Dr. Josh Ottum and the Bakersfield College Commercial Music Department

Book Bathing Supplies

what you need to book bathe: your headphones, yourself, and your imagination

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