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ENGL B1A: Superheroes: Welcome

Created for Professor Skipper's class researching Superheroes in Popular Culture.



Superheroes and Diversity:

  • The sexualization of female or male superheroes and the impact on readers/viewers.
  • The development of superhero characters and films like Miles Morales, Miss America, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, or Daredevil in terms of representing under-represented populations. You could choose one character and look at the comics and films to examine what it reveals about a presenting a more diverse genre.
  • The new move to incorporate more female superheroes.
  • Look at superheroes and offer comparisons of where you see pop culture attempting to be more inclusive or places here there needs to be more inclusivity.

Superheroes and Popular Culture:

  • What was the evolution of one superhero, and how were those changes impacted by cultural and political events?
  • Which superhero is most appealing?
  • Why are superheroes so popular?
  • What are the implications of the race, gender, or sexual orientation of superheroes?
  • How is our preoccupation with superheroes harmful/detract from the everyday heroism of people like first-responders?


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