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ART B35: Survey of Western Art History I: Welcome

This guide will help students in Professor Wrest's class with analysis of artwork from 30000 BCE to 1300 CE.



Paleolithic Europe Cave Paintings                                 Mesopotamian Art                                                    18th Dynasty Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut


Greek Architecture Mathematically Proportionate                  Roman Sculpture                                                     Byzantine Architecture                                             Medieval Monastery Monks and Architecture


Research Paper Requirements

  • Analysis of artwork from 30000 BCE to 1300 CE.
  • Select one of the 8 essay topics.
  • Be specific with topic you choose--find a piece of art that represents your topic of interest, and use comparisons tied to your thesis.
  • Need a thesis statement--What stance are you taking on the topic?

  • Must have 4 or more sources that are either books or academic journal articles.
  • May use reputable websites in addition to the 4 book or journal sources.
  • Websites may not be online encyclopedias, wikis, or art blogs.
  • May use MLA or Chicago Style for citations and formatting.  

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