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ENGL B100 Technical Writing: Finding Articles

Resources to help you develop business or research proposals, or to write instruction manuals.

EBSCO Databases

Use EBSCOhost to find scholarly or general audience articles. After clicking 
the EBSCOhost Databases link, on the A-Z Library Resources list, put checks
n the boxes next to "Academic Search Premier" and
"Applied Science and Technology Source" then click the 
"continue" box.

A-Z Library Resources list


EBSCO Choose Database Page

Search Terms

Effective search terms for this topic are:
proposal writing in research
proposal writing in business

Also try:
First box: technical manuals
Second box: writing

Remember to limit your search to full-text.  You may also want
to limit to peer-reviewed/scholarly articles


If you plan to search another topic and would like to limit your results to
conference papers only, go to the "source types" section 
on the left side
of the screen and click the "show more" link.  In the box that opens,

click the "conference materials" box and click OK.  This will limit your results
to only papers presented at conferences. If the "conference materials" box
doesn't appear, it means that there were no conference papers in your
search result.