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LGBTQ: Intersectionality

A guide with resources for the LGBTQ community and those who would like to learn more about LGBTQ issues.

What is Intersectionality?

The term "intersectionality" was coined in 1989 by professor Kimberlé Crenshaw to describe how race, class, gender, and other individual characteristics “intersect” with one another and overlap. This page provides resources to help understand how race, gender, and sexuality can overlap with each other, and to support queer people of color.

Learn more about intersectionality by watching Kimberlé Crenshaw explain this topic in the video below.

Learning About Race

Queer & Trans BIPOC Support Group

The Center for Sexuality & Diversity here in Bakersfield has a support group for Queer & Trans BIPOC. During the global pandemic, the support group meets online via Zoom. Although the image below is for a meeting on June 22, the group meets on the 4th Monday of every month. Email for links to the meetings and to get more information.

Supporting LGBTQ People of Color