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LGBTQ: Bisexual

A guide with resources for the LGBTQ community and those who would like to learn more about LGBTQ issues.

Information on the Bi Community

This page is dedicated to the bisexual community. You will find resources on bisexuality and for bisexual people, as well as resources for those who want to be better allies to bisexual people.

Virtual Bi/Pan+ Workshop

The Center for Sexuality & Diversity here in Bakersfield hosts a seven week workshop for people who are bisexual, pansexual, queer or anyone who has ever been attracted to more than one gender. This group meets each Wednesday evening for 7 weeks to discuss and learn about many topics including bi+ representation, self-care gender, navigating relationships as bi+, practice how to address stereotypes and discuss other issues specific to the bi+ community.  The Center is excited to offer this workshop specifically for this part of our community.  If you are interested, contact The Annex (661-404-5209) for any questions.

Bisexuality By the Numbers

Books on Bisexuality

Bisexual People Tell Their Stories

Resources for Bi Allies